KVCS, Inc.

Kesselring Vineyard Consulting & Services, Inc. is proud to provide world-class advising services for every aspect of vineyard development and management. Based in California's famous Central Coast wine region, KVCS partners exclusively with growers who share our vision for superior quality fruit. Our mission is to care for both land and vines with cutting-edge technology and research-backed techniques in order to produce fruit worthy of international acclaim. KVCS does not cut corners. We do things right, pay attention to detail, and coordinate all viticultural processes efficiently with impeccable timing.

KVCS offers expertise based on over 30 years of combined experience in a variety of appellations throughout California. Sustainable farming practices are integral to every recommendation we make regarding vineyard care. Land evaluation, infrastructure installation, irrigation, plant nutrition, pest management, and pruning techniques are just a few of the viticultural topics in which we regularly advise our clients. We also offer comprehensive Vineyard Management Services and human resources assistance throughout the year for all types of vineyard maintenance tasks.

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Who We Are

Bill Kesselring, Owner

Bill established KVCS, Inc in 2004 and has over 15 years of vineyard consulting experience in Sonoma, Napa, and the Central Coast. His intensity, focus, and love of viticulture drive him to ensure the absolute best results for his clients. Bill created KVCS with the aim of helping growers with ranches of all sizes to reap the benefits of a healthy, well-maintained, finely-tuned vineyard. Bill earned a B.S. in Plant Science and will soon hold an M.S. in Viticulture from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He is a California Certified Pest Control Advisor.

Christopher (Chip) Appel, PhD, Earth and Soil Science Professor,
California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

KVCS coordinates with Dr. Appel on a regular basis for soil quality evaluation. Dr. Appel earned a B.S. in Biochemistry (Cal Poly, 1995), an M.S. in Soil Science (Cal Poly, 1998), and a Ph.D. in Soil Chemistry (University of Florida, 2001). He is a member of the Soil Science Society of America and the American Society of Agronomy and is in the process of becoming a Certified Professional Soil Scientist (CPSS).  His specialties and interests in the field of soil science include soil chemistry, tropical soil chemistry/management, trace element biogeochemistry, vineyard soil management/fertility, environmental soil management, and soil nutrition.  He is involved in several research projects involving the biogeochemistry of heavy metal contaminants and nutrients in San Luis Obispo County soils.