Hauling Services

KVCS Services

Land Evaluation

  • Comprehensive sight evaluation for premium vineyard potential including analysis of soil physical properties and chemical composition, soil classifications, nutrient availability, and drainage.
  • Water quality analysis for agricultural suitability including pH, bicarbonate levels, and other elements and compounds.
  • GIS mapping and aerial photography services for climatic and topographical viability as well as the calculation of acreage within optimal slope and aspect.

Vineyard Design & Installation

  • Comprehensive vineyard planning including block layout based on slope, aspect, and soil properties; block attributes such as row spacing and direction; varietal, rootstock, and clone selection best suited for the slope, aspect, and climate.
  • Recommendations for pre-planting soil amendments, vineyard infrastructure, irrigation, and vine training techniques.
  • Complete project management to ensure proper installation for a world-class vineyard.

Viticultural Consulting

  • All-season advising to maximize fruit quality and uniformity through strategic vine maintenance, irrigation, plant nutrition, and pest management.
  • Biodynamic, organic, and traditional cultivation advising available. KVCS shares our growers' committment to producing the highest quality fruit without compromise.

Vineyard Management

  • Year-round oversight of vineyard operations utilizing highly-trained labor under consistent, reliable, experienced supervision.
  • Coordination of products, vendors, and services in a timely manner for ultra-premium wine grape production.

Other Services

  • Weekly pressure bomb readings and irrigation recommendations (vine moisture/stress levels)
  • Nematode and phylloxera screening
  • Petiole/blade analysis
  • Vine virus/disease analysis
  • NDVI mapping
  • Vineyard mapping services (GIS)
  • Fruit transportation
  • Fruit sourcing